The World’s First Fragrance Club

A platform that gives world-class perfumers the freedom to create original perfumes without the constraints of budget, market directives, or other corporate limitation.

We consider the perfumers’ creations to be whole and perfect as they are, so we deliver straight from their labs to your nose. We also want to educate our members about the world of fine fragrance by hosting educational and entertaining FR! club events. These include conversations with scientists of scent and scent perception, perfume industry events, and FR! Master Classes, where FR! perfumers deconstruct their fragrances and discuss their creative process.

How We Do It

How can we bring you the highest quality perfumes — perfumes made in France, at the same facilities that the most prestigious name brands are manufactured — at such reasonable prices?

The simple explanation: we cut out the middlemen.

The more complex explanation delves into how fragrances are typically created. Most of the large beauty and fragrance companies don’t create their own fragrances. Rather, they shop a project brief around to the major fragrance houses and ask them to submit propositions for evaluation. These propositions can be costly to create, and the cost is absorbed by the fragrance house. If a fragrance house’s submission is chosen, they are reimbursed for their creation costs, which must be covered in the retail price, plus they and the fragrance brands need to make a profit, which drives the price up further. There are also costs involved in marketing, packaging, testing, hiring focus groups, advertising, etc. We just didn’t think this made sense.

So, here’s what we did: we eliminated the speculative work that perfumers usually have to do. We designed cost-effective packaging without compromising quality. We don’t use endorsements, and our marketing budget is minimal. We decided that we wanted to be a membership-based fragrance club that delivers the finest scents and emphasizes education.

Our Team


We come from different cultures and have different fields of expertise, but we share a common passion: to bring our members access to the best perfumes and the perfumers who create them.

​François Duquesne and Bradley and Jonina Skaggs met nearly ten years ago, when François, then Erno Laszlo’s CEO, hired Skaggs Creative to reposition the famous skin care brand. Their friendship continued when François moved back to Paris, where he subsequently formed Beauty Enterprise with Manuel Varlette to focus on producing fine fragrances in both Europe and the US. Meanwhile, Skaggs Creative worked with many independent perfumers as well as major brands, such as Estée Lauder and Coty, including their brands (DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Girl, Vera Wang), as well as becoming the global digital agency for diptyque.

After over three years of talking to industry specialists, the major fragrance houses, and master perfumers to get both their blessing and their feedback, Fragrance Republic LLC formed in February of 2013. In October, FR! launched its first perfume, FR! 01/01 by Nathalie Feisthauer, and has launched nine more fragrances since then.